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When The Land Met The Sea- Prologue
Long ago , the world was a different place. There were three known plains
The Domain of the Gods , The Kwamis
The Domain of the Sea which was ruled by merkind
And finally, the domain of the land that was ruled by the humans.
They did not live in perfect harmony but they tolerated each other for the most part. The domains tended to keep to themselves. This was until the humans and merkind got into more and more confrontations. It started with merkind getting upset the humans not only polluting their home but using the ocean for so much travel. With all their seafaring ways was starting to become dangerous for merkind to travel safely.
Slowly but surely the two domains became more violent toward each other
It started with merkind using their voices to drag people under and drown them. Than the humans started fighting back with their superior weapons and started slaughtering merkind in large numbers. Those who were not killed were kidnapped and never seen again.
:iconsakurarmarie:Sakurarmarie 2 0
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Sketch Stamp by MichaelCrichlow I Draw For.. -STAMP- by HoneyAppleNinja Motivation Stamp by In-The-Machine
( . .)

When I get comments I am all :thumb314169058:


Totally Stole this from Ginseng-Cielo
Bullet; Green Totally okay!
Bullet; Yellow Sometimes okay with, please ask first!
Bullet; Red A big no-no in all (or most all) cases! Or it's just not something I tend to do.

Role Play Basics

I am comfortable doing:
Bullet; Green Comment 
Bullet; Yellow Chats
Bullet; Green Notes
Bullet; Yellow Forum
Bullet; Green Skype
Bullet; Red Google Docs (only cause i never used this before... ) 
Bullet; Green Discord
Bullet; Yellow Other 
Really I'd be most down with stuff on deviantart or discord, maybe skype. The others I could at least maybe give a try?

I am comfortable with:
Bullet; Green One on one role plays.
Bullet; Green Up to three people.
Bullet; Green Up to four people.
Bullet; Green Five or more people!
Bullet; Green As big as possible!
As long as there's a mutual understanding in bigger rp's that my character and your character might not be directly interacting 100 percent of the time its perfectly ok!

Post Length
I usually write about:
Bullet; Green One or two sentences.
Bullet; Green One or two paragraphs.
Bullet; Yellow Two to five paragraphs.
Bullet; Yellow More than five paragraphs.
Bullet; Red A few pages worth.
This mostly depends on how many OCs I am using. 

I am comfortable role-playing with people who write:
Bullet; Green One or two sentences.
Bullet; Green One or two paragraphs.
Bullet; Green Two to five paragraphs.
Bullet; Green More than five paragraphs.
Bullet; Green A few pages worth.

Role-play Requests
I like getting requests from:
Bullet; Yellow Anyone and everyone at any time!
Bullet; Green When I ask for role-plays.
Bullet; Green From friends and acquaintances.
Bullet; Green From friends only. 

Romantic Relationships
** Important: Communication is the key to a real life relationship, it shouldn't be abandoned for a fictional one either! Be sure to talk to your partners when considering romance!

I am comfortable shipping my characters:
Bullet; Yellow Never. 
Bullet; Yellow Our character know each other deeply.
Bullet; Yellow Our character know each other deeply, and I know I can trust the role-player.
Bullet; Yellow At the first sign of flirting!
Bullet; Green Only if the role-player and I plan it.
Bullet; Green It depends on the character.

If you want to ship with my characters:
Bullet; Yellow Talk to me about it from the start.
Bullet; Yellow Talk to me about it once our characters know each other.
Bullet; Green Talk to me about it once they both have some feelings for each other.
Bullet; Green Talk to me about it when they finally decide that want to go beyond hugging.
Just don't push it on me k? I like my buildup~ Not "BLEH SHIP" 

When shipping my characters, I like the romance to happen:
Bullet; Red Swift as lightening! 
Bullet; Yellow Fast, but not super fast.
Bullet; Green Happens in about three months.
Bullet; Yellow Slow and steady wins the race.
Bullet; Yellow Slugs know what's up!
Bullet; Green My relationships know no speed. They happen if they happen.

When my characters gets intimate, I prefer:
Bullet; Green To skip the act entirely. 
Bullet; Green To write the build up, but skip the act.
Bullet; Yellow To write the act only if it is very special, but otherwise skip it.
Bullet; Red To write the act all the way through.
I can't write smut for the life of me ... I can do fluff tho~

Romantic Artwork
When it comes to artwork depicting our relationship please:
Bullet; Green Do not post it at all without talking to me. 
Bullet; Green Post it if it is cuddles and hugs.
Bullet; Green Post it if it is kisses.
Bullet; Yellow Post it if it is much more.
Bullet; Yellow Do not post it at all if it depicts sexual acts!
Bullet; Red Do not post it where I can see it, but draw what you like! ( I want to see it ALL~~) 
Bullet; Green Now if it is crack go for it cause crack pairs are fun XD 

** Important: Always be sure to communicate with your partner individually if you think you are about to go outside their comfort zones even just the slightest bit!!

When it comes to violent situations, I am comfortable with:
- No violence at all!
Bullet; Green I'm fine with verbal arguments!
Bullet; Green Some violence, like a paper cut, or an accidental elbow to the face.
Bullet; Green Mild violence, such as punching, kicking, hair pulling.
Bullet; Green Violence, such as stabbings.
Bullet; Yellow Beyond violence, such as torture and more.

If you are going to do something violent, please:
Bullet; Yellow Don't do it at all.
Bullet; Green Talk to me about it first.
Bullet; Yellow Surprise me!
Surprises are okay to some extent, like if you say something like "heads up things might get a little hairy" I understand not wanting to reveal everything you've got planned. There might be some stuff I'm not ok much with.

Dramatic Artwork
Bullet; Red Do not post any dramatic scenes that that happened between our characters. (I do wanna see~) 
Bullet; Green Talk to me about it before posting!
Bullet; Green Post what you like!  


Artist | Digital Art
United States
Hello I'm Maribel but call me Marie.


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