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When I get comments I am all when someone 'famous' favorites something of mine by ripped-saurian


Let me rephrase this If you knew the contest wouldn't be a super serious theme, what would be the best for you 

4 deviants said A contest where you draw my oc with your oc
1 deviant said A contest where you draw my oc
1 deviant said A contest where you draw your oc

Paypal Commission Half Hiatus

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 13, 2014, 7:29 AM
Due to doing a lot of babysitting lately I have decided to lower my options of commissions for a few weeks. I will not be doing the following commission types : Full body, detailed backgrounds, Adoptables that show the back of characterrs. I will also not do work with more than three characters per picture.  I will only do simple backgrounds ( simple colors, gradients , simple patterns or something like the "The Heriess Pic with a simple curtin) or transparent backgrounds. 

Here is a revised version of what I will offer until further notice. 

Full Color: 11 Dollars
Lineart: 8 dollars

Portrait of an Heiress by Sakurarmarie Josefina Montoya Portrait by SakurarmarieJosefina and Sombrita by Sakurarmarie

Waist Up
Full Color: 15 Dollars
Lineart:  10 dollars

Griffy Hair Flip by Sakurarmarie SH:C Our Weapons by Sakurarmarie  AT: Derian and Roanne by Sakurarmarie 


Full Color: 6 Dollars
Lineart:  3 Dollars

A Simple Squishy type chibi. Either 800 by 600 or 600 by 800 with a transparent background.  

Angel Izka Squishy Chibi by SakurarmarieAmelia Squishy by SakurarmarieElmyra Squishy by Sakurarmarie

You can add more but all squishies have a transparent background.



Full Color: 7 Dollars
Lineart:  5 Dollars

Contest Prize: poplarleaves by Sakurarmarie  The Best Character Won by Sakurarmarie Pichu Darlin's Commission by Sakurarmarie

A Sketch: 3 Dollars ( always full body) 
Sketch Dump: 8 Dollars

The Orignial Girls by Sakurarmarie SH: C KurAna Sketches by Sakurarmarie  Shadow Hearts 2 Sketch Dump by Sakurarmarie


For Extra animals/pokemon/digimon/neopet it is a case by case basis depending on the difficultly

For Extra characters it depends on which commission type you pick. It will be 1 dollar/point less then the type you pick for just one. 

For Backgrounds , it's a case by case basis unless it's a plain color or gradient, If it is a solid color or gradient those are free. 


Custom Adopts 

You tell me what you want, like a theme or something and I make a adopt based on it

Wendy Custom Adoptable by Sakurarmarie

For this kind of adoptable you have a few options.
A front view with a full body and full color 15 dollars
A front view with a full body and flat color 10 dollars
A front view with a chibi or a squishy style full color 5 dollars
A front view with a chibi or a squishy style flat color 3 dollars
A front and back view , just sketch 3 dollars

All adoptalbes will come with a full color key , clearly labelled with "Base, Shadow and Highlight"  unless otherwise requested.

Expressions (sketch) : 1.50 dollar per expression
Alternate outfit (flat color ONLY): 5.50 per outfit

Adoptables have different rules, all rules are here:

Custom Outfit:
Base price is 5 dollars. Price goes up depending on the complexity. 

Rena Shark Theme Outfit by Sakurarmarie Rena Cherry Outfit  by Sakurarmarie


Premade Adoptables:
For Sale: Adoptables:new: Certain adoptables are now available! Go to my commission widgit. 

Paypal Commission Info: 

Payment Options 
I Accept the following modes of Payments
:bulletpink: American Dollars (Paypal preferred)
:bulletpink: Deviantart Subscription 

Other important Information 
Commissions are only for personal use. That means you can use them in your own websites, logos, avatars, print them out and put on your wall and so on. 

send me a NOTE (cause I might not get it otherwise) if you'd like a picture from me telling what do you want from me. I need to know the characters name, short description, details, colors, 1-5 references (the more the better, size of the pic (waist-up and so on),  background, payment method, pose references(if applicable), and any other additional thoughts. I am NOT a mind reader (That would be cool though) So tell me stuff. But don't get too specific I need a lil creative leeway. If you want to see the sketch first let me know and you can withhold payment till then if not, Please pay as soon as possible. I will withhold showing you the finial image due to non payment. 

Let's see oh yes If you want a digital piece I can send you the original file PNG. 


What I Will Draw 
:bullepink:Cute Girls: Look at my gallery, it's overflowing with em 
:bulletpink: Chibis, Again they run rambant in my gallery
:bulletpink: Some Pokemon ,Digimon and Neopets. Still learning but ask and I'll tell you if I can 
:bulletpink:Original Characters 
:bulletpink: Fanart 
:bulletpink:People with animal appendages (ie cat eairs, tail etc)
:bulletpink:Wings, Tails and other accessories (weapons might be an issue)

I Might Draw 
:bulletblue:Guys- I'm learning how to draw them! So ask and I will try.
:bulletblue:Animals (Fantasy or otherwise)
:bulletblue:Couples (Hetero couples and VERY VERY light Yuri and I mean light)
:bulletblue:Spikey Hair... Like Sora's From Kingdom Hearts
:bulletblue:Short One Shot Comics 
:bulletblue: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Characters as ponies or characters turned into MLP FIM ponies. 

I will NOT draw
:bulletpink:Yaoi (Don't even think about it)
:bulletpink:Hard Yuri (only SUPER SUPER SUPER light yuri allowed here)
:bulletpink:Mechas (If it looks Fairly Human Maybe If it looks like it came from Gundam Seed, No)
:bulletpink:Anything Violent (C'mon my art violent, you must be kidding)
:bulletpink: Bondage 
:bulletpink:Dragon Ball Z Style
:bulletpink:Anything in the Guitar hero style. 
:bulletpink:Overly obese Fetishes (That just scares me)


F.A.Qs about my commissions

* If the client is not satisfied, will you re-do the piece?
Yes, one time only, if you (or me) is not satisfied i will refund your money and try some way to atone for it or maybe make a different deal with you for the same price. 

*How long will it take? 
Depends really, I try not to keep it to long. I try to keep you somewhat up to date (it helps if we talk a lot or you are a watcher XD )

* Do you give progress-reports?
Yes, but only by request or if I feel I am taking too long for something and I will ask if you want to see if you want proof I actually am working XD 

* Will the client be able to change his/her mind?
Depending on how far i got originally. If I hadn't started yet then sure change your mind and we can negotiate money and stuff. If I already started inking it unless you need a different character or easy to change on the spot then no. Just ask me where I am and I will do my best.


Adoptables: 2 still available
Adoptables Batch 1 - 2 out of 4 Sold by Sakurarmarie
The 50's Girl and Teddy Bear Hoodie girl still available. 
Jellyfish Girl Adoptables
Jellyfish Girl Adoptable OPEN by Sakurarmarie
5 dollars for her. For an extra 5 dollars You can get front view as a full figure (not a Chibi)

Please note me if you want this option. 
Adoptables All Avaliable
Angel and Fairy adopts by Sakurarmarie
1) Fairy Girl (OPEN)
2) Angel Girl (Open)
3) Fallen Angel Dude (Open)
4) Butterfly Lady (Open)
Squishy- Digital Illustration
Princess Tutu Squishy by Sakurarmarie
Duck/Ahiru  Squishy by Sakurarmarie
Prize: Trafalgar Law Squishy by Sakurarmarie
A Simple Squishy type chibi. Either 800 by 600 or 600 by 800 with a transparent background.
Bust Shots- Digital Illustration
Shiny Leilani Portrait by Sakurarmarie
Miss Sophie, Old Photo by Sakurarmarie
The Living Doll Portrait by Sakurarmarie
These are colored and inked pictures of Busts/Portraits and chibis. This is ONLY for single characters
Waist Up Commission- Digital Illustration
AT Celty by Sakurarmarie
AT: Derian and Roanne by Sakurarmarie
AT: Audrey and Viento by Sakurarmarie
Single Character ONLY
2 Characters; Chibis- Digital Illustration
The Best Character Won by Sakurarmarie
A picture with a simple background and two normal chibis.
Sketch Commission- Pencil
Princess Melody Sketches by Sakurarmarie
The Orignial Girls by Sakurarmarie
Legends of Forgotten OCs by Sakurarmarie
Sketches of single characters. Will be lightly shaded. Will look similar to this


Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hello I'm Maribel but call me Marie.


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